• Pack Olla Podrida

    Olla Podrida de Burgos

    'Olla Podrida de Burgos is a typical casserole from Burgos in the North of Spain, Morcilla (Blood sausage with rice), Ibeas red beans,
    Chorizo, Rib, Bacon, Hoof, Ear and Tail. Ideal for a good family table.

  • Morcilla de Burgos


    (Blood Sausages)

    Choose from the widest range of quality Morcillas from Burgos. Artisan, natural ...

  • 2 Review(s)

    Enjoy an extra product and artisan, Chorizo De La Calera, made with 100% natural ingredients, in the style of the Burgos matanza.Chorizo De La Calera, its slightly spicy traditional flavor is ideal for snacks or lunches. EXCLUSIVELY ON THIS WEBSITE !!!€ 13 per Kg.450gr pieces Approx.        

    6,50 €  -  6,50 € per Sarta
  • 2 Review(s)

    Complete Pack of La Olla Podrida de Burgos, packaged in vacuum.Everything you need to make an authentic Olla Podrida , in your house, pack for 4 people, referring to the Burgos dish.Our valued Ibeas Beans, ocal variety of the genus  Phaseolus Vulgaris, produced in San Millán de Juarros, are characterized by their special shine and their soft, buttery...

    39,00 €  -  39,00 € per Pack
  • Nothing better to woo our Pot than our pack El Cortejo de la Olla.El Cortejo de la Olla. contains: 1 Morcilla de la Olla Podrida - 1 Chorizo De La Calera - 250grs. Marinated bacon.The products of El Cortejo de la Olla are authentic from Burgos and also artisans and 100% natural Vacuum packed preserving all its freshness.You can enjoy El Cortejo de la Olla...

    12,50 €  -  12,50 € per Pack
  • If you are professionals in BBQs, dare with our Barbacology pack.We have created Barbacología, a pack with: Chorizo, Morcilla, Panceta and Pork Face that will be the delight of the diners.All the ingredients are roasted in a good fire, and then chop and serve hot.We remind you that the burgales marinades, in this case the marinated pork face, must be...

    16,50 €  -  16,50 € per Pack
  • The authentic Morcilla from Sotopalacios (Burgos).Morcilla de Sotopalacios, is the flagship blood sausage (black pudding) of this region.Its peculiarity lies in the cooking of all its ingredients at the same time.In this way, the rice, blood, onion and lard are cooked together, something that gives the black pudding of this area a taste and softness very...

    2,90 €  -  2,90 € per Pieza
  • 1 Review(s)

    Authentic Morcilla from Villafuertes (Burgos).Blood sausage made with high quality ingredients: horcal onion, rice, lard and beef blood, carefully selected spices and peppers results in a traditional, old-fashioned, greasy and spicy black pudding.It has a very mild taste to the palate and slightly spicy.Vacuum packed.Gluten free.Weight of the piece: 350...

    2,90 €  -  2,90 € per Pieza
  • Morcilla de Burgos, De La Calera, traditionally made from pork, artisan and natural casings.The basic ingredients of Morcilla De La Calera are: rice, blood, onion, fat and pepper; Stuffed in natural pork casing.Of vital importance is the stuffed, because the marked classic flavor of the Morcilla de la Calera also includes the crispy skin. Golden, hot,...

    3,30 €  -  3,30 € per Pieza
  • 4 Review(s)

    Tasty Morcillas Tere from Quintanilla Vivar, original from Burgos, artisan and family production.The blood sausage, is a stuffed sausage elaborated from rice, pork blood, lard and horcal onion. It is seasoned with spices to get its characteristic flavor mainly pepper and paprika. Once all the ingredients are kneaded, they are stuffed in natural casings of...

    2,90 €  -  2,90 € per Pieza
  • From the Montes de Oca region, the homemade chorizo Casa Casero Extra Casa Alba elaborated in Villamayor del Río (Burgos).Product of 1st quality, dried with oak wood. Its peculiar flavor allows the palate to distinguish it from any other chorizo. Slightly spicy.The kg leaves at 17.50 €Weight of the piece: 450 gr. Approx.        

    9,90 €  -  9,90 € per Pieza
  • Extra Chorizo Contreras, Prádanos de la Bureba.Artisans of the pig slaughtery, this Burgos chorizo is finely chopped with garlic and good paprika.You can choose between spicy and non-spicy. Ideal for regular consumption.Vacuum packed by pieces.The kg goes to € 11.20Weight of the piece: 400 gr. Approx.        

    5,90 €  -  12,50 € per Kg
  • Chorizo de Villafuertes, artesano burgalés. Elaborado con el mejor magro del cerdo y curado con leña de roble en secadero natural. Su sabor ligeramente picante hace volver a disfrutar de los sabores tradicionales del hogar. Sin conservantes ni colorantes. Se envía envasado al vacío por piezas. Peso de la pieza: 450 gr. aprox. El producto sale a 12.20...

    6,50 €  -  14,50 € per Kg
  • Chorizo de Villafuertes, Burgos made with the best lean pork.Taste slightly spicy and with tender and juicy texture.Ideal for frying, cooking or roasting, alone or with vegetables.Weight of the piece 500gr.10 € per Kilo.        

    5,75 €  -  11,50 € per Kg

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