• Tasty pâté made with Morcilla de Burgos and pork liver. We use high quality natural ingredients such as our famous Cerdeña Black pudding.IngredientsLiver of pork, bacon, morcilla (25%), rice, onion, lard, sherry wine and spices.Nutritional valuesEnergy content (319 Kcal) - Fats - 28 g - Saturated of which: 10 g - Carbohydrates 8 g - Food fiber 0 g -...

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    This invention, the Morcilla (blood sausage), is as old as humanity, and has nothing more than the use and enjoyment of circumstances. Our blood sausage from Burgos is made from pork blood, onion, rice, pepper and paprika, stuffed with natural pork or beef casings. We offer you a variety of interesting black pudding for curious palates that will...

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    Morcilla (Blood sausage, black pudding) from Burgos, of own manufacture and EXCLUSIVE IN THIS WEB.Of vital importance, because the marked flavor of the 'La Olla Podrida de Burgos Morcilla' also includes the crunchy skin. Golden, hot, tasty and spicy. Fry or grilled, it has a mild and slightly spicy flavor.Weight approx. Per piece: 350 grs.         

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    Tasty Morcillas Tere from Quintanilla Vivar, original from Burgos, artisan and family production.The blood sausage, is a stuffed sausage elaborated from rice, pork blood, lard and horcal onion. It is seasoned with spices to get its characteristic flavor mainly pepper and paprika. Once all the ingredients are kneaded, they are stuffed in natural casings of...

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    Authentic Morcilla from Villafuertes (Burgos).Blood sausage made with high quality ingredients: horcal onion, rice, lard and beef blood, carefully selected spices and peppers results in a traditional, old-fashioned, greasy and spicy black pudding.It has a very mild taste to the palate and slightly spicy.Vacuum packed.Gluten free.Weight of the piece: 350...

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  • The authentic Morcilla from Sotopalacios (Burgos).Morcilla de Sotopalacios, is the flagship blood sausage (black pudding) of this region.Its peculiarity lies in the cooking of all its ingredients at the same time.In this way, the rice, blood, onion and lard are cooked together, something that gives the black pudding of this area a taste and softness very...

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  • Morcilla de Burgos, De La Calera, traditionally made from pork, artisan and natural casings.The basic ingredients of Morcilla De La Calera are: rice, blood, onion, fat and pepper; Stuffed in natural pork casing.Of vital importance is the stuffed, because the marked classic flavor of the Morcilla de la Calera also includes the crispy skin. Golden, hot,...

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