• Marinated Bacon is a delicacy of pork known in all the cuisines of the world. This piece of skin and layers of bacon intertwined, undergoes a process of salting, flavored with paprika and smoked in a natural dryer. The result is a piece of cured bacon prepared for consumption.From this bacon, we can make some torreznos, also sliced bacon as such, already...

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  • Pork jowl is a tender and buttery bacon, with just a vein, and with a very particular flavor.Pork jowls are marinated, salted and cured or dried for preservation. This is not to say that it is salty, because the fatcan be preserved in salt, but they do not absorb the salt, the bacon is never salted.It is very tasty in the fried pan in its own fat, or to...

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