How to prepare beans cream with scallops, bread crumbs and Morcilla

How to prepare beans cream with scallops, bread crumbs and Morcilla

It is fascinating to appreciate all the seafood good facts, from exquisite and unique flavors, through different textures, to benefits for our body. We are going to give you a recipe inspired by the sea that you will enjoy very much.

With the following steps you will be able to take to your table up to four plates, previously prepared by Los Hermanos Torres, the famous TV chefs. They taught us to prepare a delicious cream of beans with scallops, crumbs and blood sausage.


For four people, you must have 200 grams of white beans, 50 grams of bacon, 4 scallops and 1 blood sausage from Burgos for the strong part of the dish. You will also need 1 onion, 1 head of garlic, chicken broth, cream, white vinegar, 2 slices of whole wheat bread, a bay leaf and a thyme branch.


The first thing is to leave soaking the beans throughout the night. Make a sofrito with onion, half of the head of garlic, thyme and laurel. That's when you should incorporate the beans and cover them with the broth, which should be mixed with a little water.

Cover everything with baking paper to have better cooking, until everything is tender and creamy. Then cut the blood sausage into dice and brown until crisp and loose a good amount of fat, then mix it with whole-wheat dice and sauté everything in the pan.

The first mixture of beans with garlic, laurel, timllo and broth can be crushed to make it as thin as possible, but that some beans are kept whole to have a good image on the plate.

The last steps would be to add the cream and the white vinegar to the taste, to peel the scallops and to mark them in the hot frying pan by both sides soon to accompany them with the crumbs of morcilla, spreading the cream of beans around and to take those that were left to decorate.

Now, enjoy it. Bon Appetite!


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