Iberian version of Banh Mi, a bacon sandwich

Iberian version of Banh Mi, a bacon sandwich

It is well known that the typical spanish squid sandwich, Greek gyros, Venezuelan arepas or Turkish kebab are just a few of the many evidences that eating a good sandwich is a guilty pleasure.

To show a delicious "Banh Mi" that is actually prepared between two parts of a baguette based on rice flour, for our Vietnamese Sandwich we will have fresh hamburger bun and the traditional pickles that give life to the carnival of flavors of This preparation, with some coriander, vegetables and a delicious sauce that you will want to prepare daily.

It is one of those infallible formulas that mix oriental ingredients with something as Western as a baguette and mayonnaise provoking a boom of exotic flavors in this unquestionable fusion cuisine.

The preparation begins a couple of days before, marinating in the fridge the bacon in a zip sachet with the classic soy sauce or fish sauce that carry all these Asian recipes. The next day cut into strips some red cabbage and small sticks a couple of carrots. Mix together vinegar, water with salt and sugar and strain until dissolved, you put spices and seeds to taste. When it is not so hot you put it in the chopped vegetables and leave it in the fridge one day.

The next day that is when you are going to really cook the sandwich, take out the bacon a couple of hours before the fridge and the oven wrapped in aluminum a couple of hours later you uncover, check, and grains with the remaining bag and Bake uncovered about 5 minutes more or until you see the golden skin.

You take it out of the oven, the thin cuts, prepare a spice and lime mayonnaise that you can place on the bun, and you will only have to put a piece of the pork cut on it, the pickles you prepared and eat immediately!


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