Space Spanish Chorizo! Sausages travel to the International Space Station

Space Spanish Chorizo! Sausages travel to the International Space Station

Food to space, directed to the crew of the International Space Station so that they also enjoy some special foods for their tasting.

About two tons of shipment are those a Russian ship called Progress, which has been launched recently. Fruits, muhammad and horseradish are the crew of the ship that will feed the members of NASA.

On June 14, the Progress spacecraft, left twenty packages of chorizo ​​to the International Space Station. In addition, they can confirm that these foods can be conserved in good condition at a temperature of 10 ° centigrade more or less.

The head of the food department of the Institute of Medical-Biological Problems, Alexandr Aguréeev, reported that in addition to piccolo sausages, there are also inside the ship 15 kilos of apples, different fruits, hams and parmesan.

On the Progress ship, not only food is being sent for the crew. In two and a half tons of cargo there is water, medicines and personal hygiene products that will help the crew to stay healthy and a more comfortable stay on board.

The International Space Station is working with Russian-born cosmonauts Fiódor Yurchijin and Sergei Riazanski, American astronauts Jack Fisher, Peggy Whitson and Randy Brensnik, and the European Space Agency's Italian Paolo Nespoli.

Although several shipment tests were carried out to ensure that the food can be preserved until the arrival of the crew, different products have also been sent to make the difficult stay a little easier, with so much work and less resources than what we are accustomed to In our life on earth.

Soon, the Progress ship will arrive at NASA's International Space Station, where the crew members mentioned will be able to enjoy good solid food and fruits to keep their food healthy and that their body does not get accustomed just to consume Liquid products, which are normal in space.

Waiting for gifts of two and a half tons! Twenty packets of sausage are to be tasted in space by NASA workers.


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