The steps to get the perfect torrezno

The steps to get the perfect torrezno

Talking about preparing the perfect torrezno is not something to be taken lightly, much less if you take into account that to get it, takes years of hard practice. From the precise cut of the bacon, to adding the right amount of salt and frying the indicated time to achieve a crisp crust and a juicy meat, each of the steps given are fundamental.

But the truth is that in areas where the pig is raised and consumed, is where the preparation of the torrezno will correspond to one of the most exquisite and cared for. All thanks to the tradition in its preparation, which is often transmitted from generation to generation, not for nothing the torrezno has the weight of being a gastronomic heritage of humanity according to UNESCO.

A good torrezno must have the well differentiated textures and to the point: the crust crisp and golden, the meat juicy and of course, the bacon fondant. To do this follow the following steps, is one of the most appropriate ways to get a good example of this Spanish delicacy.

The preparation

All that is needed corresponds to 1/2 kg of bacon, extra virgin olive oil and salt. The bacon should be cut into strips about 10 cm long, then salted and placed on skewer sticks.

The extra virgin olive oil should be heated, and then put the bacon on the side of the crust on a fire that is neither very strong, nor very low, but medium low. It is allowed to fry until the crust acquires a crunchy texture, with bubbles.

So, proceed to remove the chopsticks from the fire and place them this time to make them on the sides, this time you have to put the medium fire and go up gradually so that the gold is the predominant color in the torrezno.

Once passed through the fire, all that is left is to let it drain very well on kitchen paper to loosen the excess fat, and chop them according to the preference of each one. The size indicated corresponds to the wishes of the cook or those who will taste of this tasty dish, just like the ideal companion


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