Fried eggs with morcilla from Burgos of El Landa

Fried eggs with morcilla from Burgos of El Landa

Find a place to rest a long journey and "snack" something to regain strength, is the most common, and the number of road restaurants available for this purpose are presented in all varieties of shapes and sizes.

Their rations are plentiful, as are their prices, but it must be understood that even the action of "picoteo" should not be taken lightly. You do not have to choose a place at random, your food should stand out for its flavor and its dishes. Discovering new places to eat is a journey that will never be started if you eat at the gas station on the corner.

The truth is that to find great findings in the food stores, one must resort to the simple and traditional home cooking of a lifetime. Because if you want to know about stories and tastes of memories, there is nothing better than what was done at home.

With the homemade food, the fried eggs of road will always be a good option to taste. And Landa knows it perfectly.

The Landa has earned for years a position as a point of many travelers who are a few kilometers from Burgos. They are like that, their eggs with morcilla de Burgos that have delighted the customers. Your secret? One yolk at its ideal point with crunchy pieces of black pudding. Simple but functional and delicious, a whole tradition.

Tradition that has prevailed since the restaurant was created in 1959. There are many more varieties and specialties, of course, but the leading role that eggs take, is indisputable for those travelers who regain strength during their passage here.

If you want to taste these delicious eggs prepared in the hearths of El Landa, there is a service from 8:00 a.m. to midnight for the preparation of express lunches, snacks and even pica pica.

It must be remembered that this dish has the great advantage of serving all meals, although eggs with black pudding from Burgos see their greatest demand when they are requested as a breakfast capable of placing on the table all kinds of childhood memories.

So, if you want to enjoy some good traditional eggs, El Landa is an option to consider.


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