Ken Follett and Morcilla from Burgos

Ken Follett and Morcilla from Burgos

Ken Follett is a lover of Spain and good wine, which this time had the opportunity to try together with the famous morcilla from Burgos. Thus, the writer was part of the illustrious Bodegas Valduero, prestigious brand that has had figures such as Mario Vargas Llosa, Vicente del Bosque and Loquillo.

The meeting was finalized by means of a mail of the most suggestive for the author, who was seduced by the offer of the sisters in front of the business, Carolina and Yolanda García Viadero.

Follet would be invited to the winery, sign a barrel with which he would stay, as with the 300 bottles that would come from there, and all for free, a gift. When reading that magic word, the Briton knew that he would go there to promote his novel A column of fire, and without knowing it, to taste the excellent companion that is the morcilla de Burgos.

Black pudding with wine

His book The pillars of the earth is the most read novel in history in Spain, of each two famous people who are asked what is your favorite book, it is likely that one of them will answer that best seller.

Share a few words with this writer is a unique opportunity, and more if you take into account the environment that wine can generate next to the morcilla de Burgos. That is why to Follet the mention of Kazuo Ishiguro as the new winner of the Nobel, provokes a natural and sincere comment while tasting the characteristic sausage.

Follet "does not like it very much" what he writes, but the film What's left of the day does. In short, the writer has a fixation for their tastes as is the case of the work of science fiction by Peter F. Hamilton, or Labor, through which he met his second wife.

He has been married to Barbara, who was a female activist for over thirty years. And that at present is able to praise the ability of her husband to structure a novel and develop all the characters within it.

While Follet is documented and investigated for years to create large books, why is it? His response is limited to the desire of his readers that the story never ends.


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